About Us

About Us

Emenox Healthcare is a division of MARION BIOTECH PVT LTD, a leading healthcare and wellness company with global presence. The company has a passion for innovation and a mission to redefine the healthcare scenario in India. Through our technology integration and holistic expertise, we aim for excellence in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry.
Our portfolio consists of all dosage forms in multiple therapeutic areas spread across various specialties. The company’s broad spectrum of products, its cutting-edge Research & Development and its culture of service to customers, has help it to be a major player in the market. The company’s efforts remain directed towards capturing and developing novel therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs. Our products and services are based on our strong capabilities, in-depth knowledge and technical know how, advanced manufacturing and a strong sales and marketing team.
Healthcare market in our country offers many good business opportunities. we are a responsible company and use our expertise to revolutionize the accessibility, efficiency and affordability of health and wellness to a large section of our society.
Having the whole basket of relevant capabilities in-house, enables us to create a unique position for the company and drive medical innovations. From consistent market research, constant evolution of innovative solutions to supporting the team in providing quality customer service, Emenox healthcare offers a robust and a complete ecosystem.

  • Mission and Vision

    Mission & Vision

    To bring high quality and innovative products to our consumers.

    To be recognized as a leading pharmaceutical company that offers a spectrum of quality products to cure diseases and address the key aspects of healthcare and wellness for larger sections of society.

  • Commitment

    Our Commitment

    To make tomorrow’s therapeutic solutions real, we aim for excellence and efficiency. In all of our activities, we commit our energy and expertise to patients and address the needs and realities of each market. Our passion is a cornerstone of what we do, because health matters. We are a company committed to the cause of health. Working with ethics and responsibility is weaved into the very fabric of who we are. We wish to be known for our ability to transform scientific innovations into solutions for patients.

  • People


    We strive to promote health and well-being of our employees and create an environment where each one contributes to achieve excellence to meet customer satisfaction.

    People are the foundation of our company and they drive our success. Emenox Healthcare has a solid infrastructure to manage the core processes related to people and one of our corporate priority is to focus on employee development and talent management.